World Emoji Day Whatsapp Status Quotes SMS Shayari Images,Funny photos And Slogans

  •  Why July 17?
    July 17 1 is famously displayed on the iOS Calendar Emoji, which makes it perfect date for World Emoji Day. Even if you are using a system with a different calendar emoji, that shouldn’t stop you joining in the global celebration of emoji.
  • Celebrate World Emoji Day 2015: Friday July 17th. Brought to you by your...
  •  Find an emoji you love, but don’t use often enough!
  • Winding down ‪‎worldemojiday‬ and riding off into the sunset  for another year.  It’s been fun, everybody. ‪#‎seeyouin2015
  • Happy birthday to everyone born on World Emoji Day
  • What is your favorite emoji? Most used? Most recent?  
  • Happy World Emoji Day! 🌎 🌍 🌎 A great day to celebrate all things emoji
  • World Emoji Day Eve is like New Year’s Eve with none of the 🎆 fireworks but 1000s more emojis
  • Hold onto your hats, World Emoji Day is tomorrow   
  • Last year, Funny Or Die celebrated World Emoji Day with the launch of 115 Rejected Emojis. How are you celebrating this year?
  • We use emojis every day, so why not celebrate them? Welcome to World Emoji Day, 2015.
  • Where To Find Emojis
    If you are on a computer you can scroll through all emojis to copy and paste from in your browser. iPhone, iPad, and many Android devices include an emoji keyboard.

    Bore Your Friends With Emoji Facts

    Did you know the 🎏 Fish Flags emoji is flown on Children’s Day in Japan? The 🎫 Ticket Emoji is for John Appleseed, or the difference between the 🐪 two 🐫 camel emojis? Fire up 📙 Emojipedia then weave these facts into any conversation possible.

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